For over fifteen years, Floris UMC has been in partnership with Hutchison Elementary School. Over the years, the church and school have worked together to serve the students and staff of the school.  In addition to our programs below, Floris UMC holds donation drives and assists in special events throughout the year.
Should you have any questions regarding any of these programs, please contact Donna Porter at or by phone 703-793-0026 X102.

PALS Program

The Hutchison PALS program was developed to meet the individual needs of students and seeks to connect willing adults with students who would most benefit from the support. The Hutchison PALS (Purposefully Active in Loving Service) program matches adults to children at Hutchison Elementary for about 45 minutes a week. The time is spent sharing a meal, working on homework, playing games or just hanging out together.

Generally, new mentors will be assigned only one elementary age mentee. For those who want to work with multiple mentees, please note those preferences in the comments section of the online form linked below.

To get involved in the PALS program, please fill out this online form.

Camp Hutchison

Camp Hutchison is a camp collaboration between Hutchison Elementary School and Floris UMC. For Summer 2019 you can volunteer to serve the school and its students by assisting them with camps designed to target specific students.

These mini-camps will run three-weeks, July 8-26, Monday-Friday, 8:45 a.m.-12:45 p.m. Volunteers will serve as classroom assistants alongside Hutchison teachers. The classes will be:

Bridge to K (Kindergarten): Students have the opportunity to develop executive function skills and school behaviors through participation in Circle Games and other learning experiences. This program includes parent involvement opportunities and is intended to promote a smooth transition to kindergarten for students and families.

Young Scholars: Students are provided an educational setting that raises their personal expectations and prepares them for more challenging and rigorous courses as they advance in grade level.

There will be three classes:

  • Two for Primary Grades (Rising 1-3)
  • One for Upper Grades (Rising 4-6)

Curious Minds Academy: The goal of the Curious Minds Academy is to give a variety of students access to a summer program that embeds inquiry, investigation and reflection into literacy and math units while developing 21st century skills.

There will be two classes:

  • One for Primary Grades (Rising 1-3)
  • One for Upper Grades (Rising 4-6)

There are also two Stories of Summer classes that will take place August 1 and 8 (both are Thursdays) 1-2 p.m. The classroom teacher will read a story and provide a related craft. Volunteers will assist teachers and the students with the craft.

To sign up to volunteer for any or all of these opportunities here.

Help Hungry Kids

Floris UMC’s Help Hungry Kids ministry provides food for children at Hutchison Elementary School who have little to eat over the weekend.

On the first Sunday of each month, we distribute red grocery bags with shopping lists. Simply bring the grocery bag with you the next time you shop and bring it back to the church on the following Sunday.

Inventory: Help inventory the donations received.

On the last Sunday of each month, we package several hundred meals to be delivered to the school. This is a family-friendly packaging event that takes about an hour.

Signups are required for donation inventory and packaging events. Sign up now.

English as a Second Language - Volunteers

Floris UMC provides English as a Second Language (ESL) classes for those in our community who do not consider English their first language. Our ESL classes are offered at Hutchison Elementary School Tuesday and Thursday evenings, 7:30-9 p.m., throughout the school year (September-April).

The purpose of the ESL Ministry is to teach English to those who want to learn, exchange customs and culture and build relationships between the teachers and students. Multilevel English classes are led by an experienced instructor and accompanied by one or two assistants.

Signup to become an ESL volunteer

BOX TOPS for Education

Clipping BOX TOPS is an easy way to support education and directly benefit students in our community. Please put your BOX TOPS in the boxes on the information boards on the first, second and third floors and help Hutchison Elementary School earn cash for books, computers and other essential items.

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