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Thank you so much for prioritizing Restoration Worldwide in your generous giving. Your consistency provides stability, strength and support to Restoration Worldwide’s ministry, Lives are being changed because of you!

What’s New to Online Giving?

We recently switched to a new system to make your online giving easier, faster and more secure than ever. Many of us don’t carry cash or a checkbook anymore, but we do carry our smartphones. Now you can give online in just seconds. The first time you give you can set up your secure account and from then on you’ll be all set. Have questions? Read our FAQs.

Considering Estimating for the General Fund

Your general fund estimates of giving are a critical part of how we make a difference in our church, our community and our world. Please know that you may change your commitment at any time by notifying the finance office.

Christmas Eve Giving Total: $277,054

The Season of Advent invites us to reimagine and rediscover the joy of the coming gift of our Savior Jesus Christ. The birth of Jesus reminds us that this season is not just about the gifts we receive, but what we give to others so that they, too, can rediscover joy, peace, hope and love in this season. Every cent of your generosity enables our church and organizations in our community and world to do the life transforming work of the Holy Spirit.

Since 2006, our church has had the tradition of donating the entire offering taken at Christmas eve totaling $3,000,000. Last year’s was one of the largest we have ever collected, over $276,000. This year’s recipients are Cornerstones, Helping Children Worldwide, Community and World Impact Fund and A Place to Be. Every cent of your generosity will be sent to our ministry partners to help further the work that God is doing to transform lives and build better futures for families, individuals and communities across the globe.

Helping Children Worldwide

Helping Children Worldwide has launched a new initiative called “Sponsor a Village.” This program creates ways for people to directly support families by providing communities with three years of funding for family empowerment programs, micro-finance training, clean water sources, school development and sanitation infrastructure. The “Sponsor a Village” program encourages local control and ownership of issues faced by families.


Cornerstones will be celebrating 50 years of serving the Herndon Reston community offering support and advocacy for those in need. Cornerstones has been a beacon of hope for people by providing food, shelter, affordable housing, quality childcare and other human services. As they look to the future, their hope is to expand their case worker staff and double the amount of affordable housing they offer so that more lives can be transformed through their work.

A Place to Be

A Place to Be is a therapeutic arts non-profit organization that serves people of all ages with disabilities and medical and mental health struggles through music therapy in both Loudoun and Fairfax counties. Their unique Performance-Based Music Therapy programs help their clients achieve therapeutic goals and discover unrealized potential in a supportive, engaging and fun environment. Their vision of inclusivity, respect, love, acceptance and hope sees everyone as equal, valuable and able with their own unique gifts and talents.

The Community and World Impact Fund

The Community and World Impact Fund enables our church and pastoral staff to respond to the immediate challenges of those in need. The CWI allows our church to serve members and families in crisis and partner organizations that meet vital needs in our world and community. Through this fund, the pastoral staff are able to minister to our community not just through prayers and presence, but with financial resources that make an impact.

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