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What is Coffee with the Pastors?
It is a time to meet with the pastors, to hear about Floris UMC and its history. You’ll learn what membership means at Floris UMC and how to join.

When are the Coffees offered?
Coffees are held approximately 4-5 times a year. Child care is available.

Do I have to be baptized if I want to become a member?
Yes, at Floris UMC baptism is a requirement of membership. If you have not been baptized you will have the opportunity to sign up for a meeting after the coffee. This will be a casual conversation with one of the pastors where you can talk in more detail about this very important step in your journey.

Does Floris UMC recognize my baptism in another Christian denomination?
Yes, the United Methodist Church recognizes one baptism. If you or your child have been baptized in another domination in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, your baptism is transferable to Floris.

Can I have my child baptized and join at the same time?
Yes, if you have a child that you would like to be baptized when you join, please fill out a baptism request form. You will be contacted to schedule the baptism on the day that you join the church.

When will I become a member at Floris UMC?
New Member Sundays occur one Sunday a month. You will be able to select the month and the time to join. If there is a baptism involved, you will be given available dates.

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